Client Charter

(This Charter is subject to the legal requirement that as solicitors we are bound by our professional rules and obligations and amongst other aspects these require that we CANNOT do any act, or advise a client to do any act, which we consider is unlawful or breaks our duty to the Courts or our professional responsibilities. There are other limitations but this one is enshrined in the Solicitors professional code of conduct).

1. The foremost principle of the firm is that we will ALWAYS act in what we consider to be our clients best interests.

2. We will provide clients with advice and assistance without fear or favour to any third parties.

3. We will seek to avoid acting when there is a potential conflict of interest between a current client and either a former or even a potential new client.

4. We will maintain a clients confidentiality at all times and avoid disclosing any information about our retainer without the clients express approval.

5. We will seek to remain polite in all our dealings with clients.

6. We will only charge clients a fair fee for the work we undertake.